We are a legal establishment that holds a Brothel license issued by the government.

Laws in Victoria allow Advertising for – Brothel Workers, Sex Providers, Prostitutes and Escorts for sex jobs and brothel jobs.

If you have interest in working at our establishment, please just SMS us on 0420930789 or velvethouse999@hotmail.com. We will call you back at your convenience for a chat.

What would you get to working here: Amazing income

  • - Flexible hours
  • - Accommodations and facility
  • - Freedom of choosing clients
  • - A very safe, clean and comfortable working environment
  • - Experienced and friendly management team, always ready to assist you
  • - All information about the ladies is confidential and their privacy is protected
  • - High quality CCTV security cameras & monitors for a safety and private environment.

To work in the Sex Industry in Australia you need:

  • To be over 18 years old.
  • You will need a Visa which allows you to work here.
  • Working flexible time from any Brothel whenever you like. The money you earn for your work must be paid to you before each job. The Brothel owner or Manager must not keep your money (unless you ask them to).
  • You are free to choose clients.
  • You are self employed, The owner the brothel renting rooms to you to providing your sex services.
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